Doug Moreland 

Musician & Chainsaw Artist

Doug Moreland's 12th Annual Cattlelacs Calfry!

September 19-20, 2014!!!

Check back soon for updated info on this year's Calfry!

Cattlelacs Chainsaw Art Gallery

12301 Lowden Ln

Manchaca, TX  78652

(512) 280-1530

12301 Lowden Ln Manchaca, TX 78652

About Manchaca & Cattlelacs

Manchaca (pronounced Man-chak) lies just south of the Austin city limits, the live music capital of the world. Doug Moreland came to Manchaca in December 1999 and setup carving on his grandmother Moreland’s property, a former cotton field once farmed by her grandfather Fritz Wirth. In 2002, she graciously allowed him to build his workshop and office here. He built it himself with the help of a few friends; Billy Applegate, Bubba Daniel, and the Pretty Miss Suzan. The grand opening of “Cattlelacs” took place in June 2003 as the 1st Annual Cattlelacs Calfry!

Cookoff Awards

1st place awards in each category receive ... TBA

  • Best Calf Fries
  • Best Sauce / Salsa 
  • Wild Game 
  • Showmanship

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion: overall point winner, receives custom chainsaw carving and ... TBA

Cookoff Team Registration

Contact Person:
Phone Number:

$300 per team

Contact Doug with questions or requests.

512-657-9586 mobile

Thank you, thank you, thank you! -- 2013

Many thanks to all who helped pull off another fantastic event! The sponsors, the bands, and the carvers (see below). The cooking teams: Rusty Fleming, Jimmy Beasley, and Cody Price (and their crews). The auctioneer: Steve Kelley. The judges: singer/songwriter Gil Prather, Gil's nephew Gilberto Dean, and cowboy actor Beau Smith. Our own helpers and crew: Stoney Gabel, Patty & Glenn Moreland, Kenna Moreland, Matt Burnett, Kevin Conner, Michael Uhlmann, Zane Homesley, Denise Meredith-Clark, Chally Yates, Sarah Kantz, Ryan Keeler, JoMo Edwards, and any others I missed! Plus, Roadhouse Productions (stage & sound), Liquid Waste Solutions (port-a-potties), Viking Fence (fencing), Aus-Tex Printing (posters), Outhouse Designs (tshirts), and The Photographic Eye (film & photography). And most importantly, to all of our neighbors and friends and family and patrons who cheerfully attended, enjoying God's glorious rain along with us, thank YOU!!!


Tough Country Sawmill (awards), Texas Music Water (bottled waters), Lone Star Beer & Dos Equis (beverages), Dickson Productions (publicity), and Craig Archer (calf fries!)

Musical Entertainment

Doug Moreland assembles his favorite bands to bring you the best musical event of the year! (Friday night is songwriter showcase.)

Friday, September 27, 2013

9am-3pm -- chainsaw carving demos

6pm --Gerald Friend Band

6:30 -- Kalyn Beasley

7:15pm -- Charlie Stout

8pm -- Manzy Lowry Band

9pm -- Stoney Gabel

10pm -- Pete Gile

Saturday, September 28, 2013

9 am - 3 pm -- chainsaw carving demos

3:30pm -- Lew Card

4:15 pm -- Glenn Moreland & Gil Prather

5 pm -- Armadillo Road

6 pm -- Mike & The Moonpies

7 pm -- chainsaw carvers auction

7:30 pm -- The Possum Posse

8:45 pm -- cookoff awards

9 pm -- Doug Moreland & Flying Armadillos

Music ends by midnight.

Carving Party

Contact Doug if you want to join in:

512-657-9586 mobile

Chainsaw carvings available for sale by participating artists throughout the event! Special pieces carved on site will be auctioned off by a live auctioneer at 7pm Saturday. Cookoff teams provide calf fries and other foods to attendees all evening on Saturday. BYOB. You may bring your own lawn chairs as well!

About Cattlelacs Calfry

The first Cattlelacs Calfry in June 2003 marked the Grand Opening of Doug Moreland’s newly built workshop in Manchaca Texas, and the official joining of his two passions, music and wood carving. Easily he lined up the afternoon’s entertainment with good-hearted musician friends Ryan Bingham, Dub Miller, Matt Skinner, Frank NeVille, and Kevin Fowler. Then to make it a full-fledged shindig, food had to be served, and Doug jumped at the offer of a large supply of either crawfish, or calf testicles, the obviously perfect choice being the latter!

The first few years progressed as an informal party for friends and neighbors with free food, drinks, and song. As each event grew, Doug decided it really needed to become a cookoff, complete with celebrity judges, custom-made chainsaw carving prizes, and an official stage to present his tasteful flavor of musical entertainment.

This year’s 11th annual Cattlelacs Calfry features Doug’s good friends Mike & The Moonpies, The Possum Posse, The Doodlin’ Hogwallups, Armadillo Road, and Doug's Flying Armadillos; plus a Texas calfry cookoff; and again this year, a chainsaw carvers exhibition and live auction!

Wikipedia: Rocky Mountain oysters
Rocky Mountain oysters, prairie oysters, cowboy caviar, Montana tendergroin, dusted nuts, bull fries, or swinging beef are North American culinary names given to buffalo, boar or bull testicles. During the spring or fall roundup, cowboys rope all the calves, brand them and neuter all the males. Since only one bull of special breeding is needed for further reproduction among a herd, and calves lacking testosterone produce more tender beef, the practice of castration results in an opportune novelty dish. They are usually peeled, coated in flour, pepper and salt, sometimes pounded flat, then deep-fried. This delicacy is most often served as an appetizer, with a cocktail sauce dip.

In Western Canada, the preferred name is "prairie oysters", where they may be served in a demi-glace, not deep-fried. In Oklahoma and North Texas, they are sometimes called calf fries but only if taken from very young bulls. In many parts of Mexico they are referred to as “criadillas” and are colloquially referred to as huevos del toro (literally “bull’s eggs”, but huevos is also Spanish slang for testicles) in Central & South America. Rocky Mountain oysters are sometimes confused with lamb fries or animelles (lamb testicles), which are served in a similar manner. Boar (hog) testicles are served in some Midwest areas such as in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. In other countries, testicles are known as sweet meats.