How long have I been carving? I discovered chainsaw carving in 1998 in Ruidoso NM. The following day, I convinced my whole band to quit our gig, buy chainsaws and move to Pigeon Forge TN and set up! RL Blair started in about 1970, and I’ve been learning from him since 2009. We both started our whittling as kids though.

Do I do live demonstrations? Yes, I can set up to carve for fairs & festivals. My preference is to play music, so book my band to play and then ask for an added carving demonstration! See my booking info on the contact page.

Do I take custom orders? Yes, sometimes, if I find it interesting. Fair warning, if it's not something I really want to do, it rarely turns out well.

Do I carve onsite? Yes, depending on the wood. (Hardwoods, like oak, are very hard to cut, and they crack, making it not worth the cost or effort.) Email me your details (location, species, photos). You will need a tree trimmer to take down large, unneeded limbs. I don't have those skills. The chainsaw work I do is much safer!

Do I want your wood? If you have Eastern Red Cedar (not Hill Country Juniper) or pine, yes. Email me.


(512) 657-9586